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This website has no purpose. There is no grand scheme, no particular theme, no real goal or objective, other than giving me a sense of pride by seeing my words and ramblings - on life in general, on relationships, on music, on philosophy, on other people's lives, on professional wrestling, on successes, on failures, on those little things that happen every so often that stop and make you think - published on a computer screen. Isn't that what all personal websites are about anyway?

To put it simply, it is what it is.

This website was created and is maintained by me on an Advent Pentium II 350mhz personal computer Apple eMac G4 700Mhz with a little help from the good people at

Every page is hand-coded in XHTML 1.0 Transitional with CSS2 using notepad BBEdit Lite fot Mac OS X.

Some images on this website were scanned using a Hewlett Packard ScanJet 2100c.

All text on this website was inputted using a QWERTY-format keyboard and my fingers.

This website has been online since 15/10/1999.
It metamorphosed into a weblog on 01/11/2001.

This website looks at its best when viewed with IE or Opera. Don't use Netscape, it's crap. Mozilla isn't that great either. At least on my old PC anyway.

My blogger code is B4 d- t- k+ s-- u f i- o x e l c+ (decode it here).

Thank you:

To Google for invaluable assistance.

To Mat Honan, the weblog king, for inspiring me to get on the blogging bandwagon and make a niche for myself.

To Mike Watt for being a constant source of inspiration and for performing and making good music, and all the good folks on the Watt flow list.

To J Mascis for shaking my hand at the Hop & Grape in Manchester.

To Griet for being absolutely one of the coolest people I've ever met or known, and to Wendy for the same - it's a shame geography gets in the way.

To Dave for the good times - you're the best mate. And to Groves for the same. Ah hell, I don't want to leave anyone out. To all my good friends, I salute you.

And last - but definitely not least - a big thank you to Benitha, for just being in my life.



Thank you to John Conroy and Michael Rothwell - this site is dedicated to you both.